7 Questions to Ask Reseller Web Hosting Provider


Reseller hosting is a simple, effective & profitable business for those who wish to generate income in the web hosting industry. It enables you to purchase hosting resources, plans, & services from a parent web host to ultimately sell them to your end customers & clients. You of course resell them at a comparatively higher cost price than at what you have bought them. Thus, as a result, you get to earn the margin income. Moreover, under Linux Reseller Web Hosting, you do not have to take any responsibility related to the web hosting server, infrastructure, building space, data center services, and other such entities. Everything is taken care of and provided by your parent web host. All you have to ensure is to acquire reliable Internet connectivity, an excellent customer support team, and a good marketing strategy for your reseller business. 

You must have noticed that the quality of your web hosting services & facilities that you resell as a reseller to your customers & clients will depend on your parent web host. Thus, it becomes highly essential for you to seek a top-notch & most trustworthy web host to make your Linux Reseller Hosting business a success. So, we have come up with this guide that talks about how you can partner with the right parent web hosting provider. Without wasting another second, dig into the sections below to acquire all the crucial insights. 

Top 7 Critical Questions to Ask Your Reseller Hosting Provider

Mentioned below are listed some critical questions you must consider to assess before you decide to opt for any parent web hosting provider. They will help you gain an understanding of whether the parent web host you are seeking is right for you or not. Let’s get a rapid glance at them!

1. What Percentage of Uptime Can Be Expected?

As a reseller, you must obtain at least a 99.90% uptime network with the Best Linux Reseller Hosting plan. Your web hosting provider must also ensure the delivery of consistent as well as the highest connectivity. 

2. Can the Web Resources Be Easily Scaled Up & Down Whenever Needed?

Your parent web host must permit you to easily & swiftly scale your existing dedicated web resources anytime as per the necessity of your online business & growth of your customer base. Also, you must be able to upgrade or downgrade your existing reseller hosting plan or package with utmost ease. 

3. What is The Security Policy?

You must receive an advanced data security policy with the Linux Reseller Web Hosting services. For instance, your online business must obtain DDoS protection, antivirus software, SSL certificate, end-to-end encryption, malware security, and other high-level data security features.

4. Are There Any Protocols During Outages?

You must enquire about what can be done during unexpected downtime under the Linux Reseller Web Hosting services you obtain from a web hosting company. During the situations such as power outages, your parent web host must have a protocol in execution to ensure minimal disruption. 

5. What is The Schedule for Data Backup?

A data backup facility is highly essential as it enables you to assure the complete protection of your reseller business data. Your web hosting provider must provide you with automated data backup services that you can employ periodically. 

6. How long has the parent web hosting provider been in business?

It is important for you to pick a web hosting provider that possesses a considerable & good experience in the web hosting industry. This helps you to be confident that you will attain the needed support at the right time. 

7. How Responsive Are Customer Support Service And Technical Assistance?

Your parent web host must offer you 24/7 customer as well as technical support via a specialized team of experts & professionals. Further, you must be easily able to reach out to the team whenever needed. So, look for a reliable host that provides 2487 customer support services with Linux Reseller Web Hosting plans.

Top Reseller Hosting Provider- Hostbiilo

Top Reseller Hosting Provider- Hostbiilo

Hostbillo is a well-renowned & most reliable web hosting company worldwide which renders Linux Reseller Web Hosting plans with best-in-class web hosting facilities. It has also gained recognition through numerous awards for providing top-tier equipment & resilient hardware tools with its powerful web hosting servers. Also, while hosting your business website on Hostbillo’s web hosting server, you will have the support of modern web technologies & CloudLinux optimization. All this facilitates your reseller business website to deliver the fastest speed, smooth functioning, and superior performance. Moreover, along with the web hosting features discussed in the previous section, the following are some more incredible ones you gain with Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting-

  • You get access to unlimited subdomains & domains.
  • Your business website acquires a free SSL certificate & Sofculous one-click installer.
  • Hostbillo provides 100% White-labeled web hosting services.
  • The company offers private nameservers, instant provisioning, & easy migration services.
  • You get 7-days credit back assurance with all the Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plans. 
  • You also acquire 100% Solid-State Drives (SSDs) data storage with free cPanel for running your web hosting accounts.


The Best Linux Reseller Web Hosting comes with the power to enhance the optimization, reach, and visitor ratio of your reseller business. It provides user-friendly cPanel, easy scalability, raised flexibility, full server root control access, high customizability, ultimate data security, and many other hyper-scale hosting benefits to letting you successfully run your Linux Reseller Hosting business.

Further, you can seek Hostbillo web hosting company to buy the most suitable plan of the best reseller hosting at the most viable possible cost. The web hosting company also offers exceptional technical & customer support service along with cutting-edge web hosting facilities. Moreover, you can right away visit the official site of Hostbillo to get more detailed information about the leading & cheap Linux Reseller Hosting Plans.

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