Power of Unity

The strength of a nation lies not in the weapons or industrial empires but in the unity of its people. In India, there is unity in diversity. People speak different languages, believe in different religions and have different lifestyles but the common unifying factor is Indianness. It is rightly said “United we stand, divided we fall ”. The history of India is a good example. Whenever we remained united no other country dared to look at us with malafide intentions. But when the Britishers used the policy of divide and rule, all the strength of India was sucked by this division.

Unity is a must in all walks of life. In sports and games when the players put their hearts and souls together, they cannot be defeated. But when every player tries to play an individual game even the weakest team will defeat such a team. See the example of the Australian Cricket team. It has won the maximum number of World Cup tournaments because all players give their best and stand as rocks before the rival team.

Defence forces stand on the pillar of unity. A large army, the officers of which are disunited, is very easily defeated. One of Napoleon’s favourite maxims was, “Divide and Conquer”. He won some of his great victories by attacking his enemy’s armies when alone before the other nations could come to his help. Or he would divide the enemy army into quarrelling factions and then defeat it.

All the difficulties of life disappear when we face them unitedly. The bees and ants have much to teach us. They always work in a union. One life for all and all live for one. This is the team spirit. Evils like poverty, corruption and the dowry system can be ended by joint efforts. The freedom fighters of India, under the leadership of Gandhiji, drew away from the British Empire from India which never saw its sunset. It is not one man’s doing, it is the result of the millions of people who put their hearts and heads together.

Our country is going through a difficult time. Different political parties are fighting petty battles only for power. The anti-social elements know and exploit this weakness. Terrorism is a major problem for my country. But this problem can be solved only if we fight against this monster unitedly.

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