SEO for Startups in 2023: How to Grow Your Business to the Next Level?

Many SEO agencies offer a website SEO audit service that includes inspecting a website to look for any issues or problems that hinder the success of the website in the organic search results. Such services include recommendations to fix issues, documentation of issues found, as well as consulting through proper implementation.

If you want to take your business to the next level, then here are some of the additional tips below:

1. Make a quality content top priority

Some people regard a website as a storefront. Being an essential digital property it is also regarded as a promotional asset for the enterprise. So it’s clear that only designing doesn’t matter on a website. It has to post quality and engaging content consistently.

The content should relevant to the user intent. The common misconception about SEO in mass is that it just needs optimization of the visual content and text for search engines. Although this factor is critical from the overall point of view of SEO strategy.

Hence, content optimization acts as a prime foundational factor to power up the business with organic traffic through SEO.

2. Providing the search engines with the required content

Search engines such as Google work on their agenda when it comes to prioritizing a particular website. While talking about SEO ranking factors, the positions of the pages are determined by the following detailed factors such as:-

i) Accessibility:

Popular search engines such as Yahoo and Google should be able to easily access your page before analyzing it for further ranking.

ii) Lower Bounce rate:

The web pages having a higher bounce rate indicate either irrelevant or poor UX content for the users. It should be lower to get rid for affecting ranking.

iii) Quality content:

The term quality here defines content that is engaging, informative, relevant and unique to the users. Your content should have the ability to solve every query to a user about the particular searched topic. That’s why it’s suggested to post long-form content of around 2000 words on your website for full information about any topic.

iv) Outstanding UX:

This is needless to say but pages offering excellent UX for their users are on the top search results over others. Great UX includes relevant content, faster load times, encryption of data/SSL, and proper layout.

v) Fresh Content  & Optimization:

Regular optimizations to content is good for your business and providing fresh and useful content gives a good sign to the Search Engine. You can hire professionals that can handle the task with full efficiency.

3.Focus On On-Page Optimizations

On-Page optimization strategy and website SEO audit service should be taken care of regularly during SEO implementation. Since it consists of several steps, technicalities as well as checks which should be properly aligned.

Some of the necessary pointers are detailed below:-

i) Page URL:

The URL of the page should be readable, descriptive and must contain the main keyword. Generally, the URL of the page is the same as the page title without using any stop words.

ii) Keywords:

This is one of the most important strategies to use keywords in your headings and page title. Using synonyms and variants of keywords is also a good practice. You can use every close related term of your main keyword in the text body. However, refrain from keyword stuffing since it’s recognize by both the users and search engines.

iii) Headings:

Follow the H1, H2, H3 and so on the pattern for putting headings. The content of your page should be in a way that crawl bots of Google can easily read it and give a positive ranking.

iv) Page titles:

Page title is regarded as the clickable URL for Google which appears in the form of the blue link text on your search results page. For page optimization, make sure that the title is descriptive and has good readability with the use of the main keyword where needed.

v) Use images:

Many startups and businesses often take this part lightly. It’s significant to include images in your text and optimize them for search results. Compress the size of your image file including keywords as well as the subject in the alt-text.

vi) Internal links:

Many website owners forget to implement and include the internal links. Don’t forget to interlink various website pages by hyperlinking your content in the text body.

vii) Optimization for Mobile:

More than half of the search queries of Google originate and take place via smartphones. The strategy of your on-page SEO strategy should be mobile-optimized pages for good ranking.


Search engine optimization or SEO strategies implementation is important to increase the organic traffic, engagement as well as visibility of your website.

Most of the users apply such steps but fail to assess if the SEO strategies follow and execute properly or not. That’s where the role of website SEO audit service serves its application.

Through proper auditing of your site, you would know which strategies have succeeded or failed. As a result, you would make new strategies or work on existing strategies from a new approach.

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