A Street Quarrel Essay

These days, street fights are not uncommon. Human being has become selfish and has lost the faith in  the art of living peacefully with others. Street quarrels take place mostly every time in a day . Most often they are a storm in a tea cup. A few days back I happened to witness such a street quarrel between two cousins . Both of these cousins are very fond of plants and flowers. They made beautiful gardens with rare flowers and plants infront of their houses. Damage due to fight are taken by plants and flowers . It is the main cause of the street quarrel where I live.

Last Sunday when I was studying in my room, I heard a loud noise. When I came out of my room, I saw a big crowd near the garden. Although I could guess the cause of the quarrel, I was anxious to know the details why the fight amoung them happened. Perhaps the wife of one person rebuked the child of the other neighbour. The child’s mother took the rebuke seriously. She rush from her house and speaking hard words. Soon all the members of both the families joined the quarrel.Ther was total chaos in our street. The real cause of the quarrel was forgetting by the families . Women and men started hurling abuses on one another. Some passers-by were relishing this scene.

It was feared that the quarrel would become more serious. In the meantime the crowd became thicker. Then some wise and meaningful persons from the locality reached there. They tried to make peace between both the parties. It was a bit difficult to convince the both quarreling parties because they didn’t try to listen somebody else. But ultimately wisdom be victorious. The heads of both the families Adviced to make peace . It was very nice for them to understand the situation. It is really shocking why the people quarrel over trifles.

In the nutshell Street quarrels is all over the world happening everyday amoung neighbours and brothers due to change in human behaviour in the art of living.

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