EICR London – Rented Sector Regulations 2023

Landlords must have an EICR London “electrical Installation condition report” when renting a property to ensure the safety of their tenants. This certificate shows that the electrical installation meets the safety requirements in the Electrical Safety Standards of the Private Hire Sector (England) Regulations 2022.

Under UK law, an EICR London identifies installation safety risks. Certificates may only be issued by a licensed electrician, inspector or at least one approved contractor.

How are tests done?

As a homeowner, it is important to remember that only a registered electrician can perform an inspection. To find your EICR London, an electrical inspector will first inspect a specific property area. Inspections include checking fuse boxes, lights, sockets, grounds and connections. Inspections reveal electrical hazards and ensure that the installation meets tenant safety requirements. In addition, a qualified inspector is obliged to look for possible damage and identify signs of installation.

What will the inspector look for in your property?

  • Electric shock
  • Check if electrical equipment and wiring meet safety regulations
  • Check the suitability and serviceability of electrical installations
  • Be aware of earth and conjunction signs

Who can issue certificates?

In the UK, an EICR London can only be carried out by a registered or licensed electrician. The documents provided show what the auditor found and observed. The inspector should list all observed details and potential electrical hazards within the property in the report.

Suppose it is found that the property does not meet the tenant’s security requirements. Landowners should act immediately to avoid the risk. This report shows whether the power load is sufficient or insufficient.

  • C1: The EICR certificate is satisfactory, but the auditor has made some recommendations.
  • C2: This means that the EICR is insufficient, and action must be taken within 28 days.
  • C3: Your EICR is insufficient. An immediate response is required.
  • F1: Despite the need for further investigation, the report is satisfactory.

Do homeowners need an e-deed?  

From 1 April 2022, the UK has introduced new inspection requirements for landlords. An Electrical Installation Condition Report must be obtained at least every five years. The new electrical inspection requirements require landlords to provide a copy of the EICR London when a new tenant moves in. Landlords are required to obtain EICR to improve the welfare of their tenants.

What parts of the house are included?

Homeowners and landowners must provide a suitable and safe work area before the inspector’s arrival. This helps build trust between the two and makes the electrician’s job more comfortable. A safe workplace helps with the process of checking various areas in your home, including:

  • Walls: Ensure electrical boxes and wiring comply with EICR legal equipment.
  • Outdoor areas and nearby water sources: This is where inspectors perform GFCI and AFCI circuit protection checks. A qualified inspector verifies that GFCIs and circuit breakers meet EICR safety requirements.

Finally, zone 0, such as bathrooms, should expose cables and non-IP lighting. Non-IP-rated lamps should be replaced with IP-rated lights.

What about new builds and new installations?

New buildings are not exempt from further testing requirements for landlords. They must comply with the regulations and obtain satisfactory EICR London certificates.

What is EICR London?

If there is an EICR London, there is no fixed price because the price can change in different circumstances. For example, property size and number of lines. EICR charges can be doubled if the property has additional consumer units. Another thing to consider before hiring a qualified inspector is the agency’s initial price. Some electricians charge extra.

Government is one factor that increases or decreases EICR costs. For example, if you live in the north of England, an electrical inspection will cost less than someone who lives in south London. This is not a fixed price, but the average EICR price starts at £98.99.

What happens if you don’t comply?

The UK Housing Authority has revealed that landlords are now required to comply with new rules on EICR. Serious fines and consequences can result from authorities if landowners knowingly fail to comply. For example, the authorities will take immediate action if a landlord tries to violate the EICR.

8 Important Electronics Tips Every Owner Should Know

  • As a homeowner, ensure you are familiar with electrical inspection requirements and the new EICR regulations.
  • Ensure the electrical inspection is performed by a registered electrician, and refrain from attempting to serve the check yourself.
  • As a landlord, the safety of your tenants is your number one priority. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide full access to the fuse box in case of an unexpected event or power failure.
  • Regarding fuse boxes, landlords must have consumer units protected by an RCD. Residual current devices work effectively against electric shock and prevent fire hazards.
  • Do not install new devices or equipment before testing.
  • Ensure cords are away from high-traffic areas such as hallways and doorways. Also, make sure cables are hidden or away from furniture areas.
  • Ensure your wiring, and electrical installation is up to date, including new items.
  • Finally, ensure you have satisfactory EICR London documentation to demonstrate that you are well-equipped and safe for new tenants.
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