Get storage inspiration from the wall cabinet for living room

When you are looking for living room décor ideas, you always want to go for stuff that is comfortable, aesthetic, and practical. You cannot fill anything in the living room that is not useful for your everyday life. It will make the space look cluttered and won’t suffice any purpose. The taste and needs of every home are different but there are some common ideas that you can consider while going for a wall cabinet for living room.

Minimal design

This is a minimal console that offers sufficient storage for all your media needs. It is a simple and functional wall cabinet that you can easily install in your living room. You can pair this streamlined piece with many other living room ideas because this console works with most of the settings. Before buying a minimal design cabinet, decide your purpose and décor style so that the cabinet you have chosen doesn’t disappoint you.

Modern unit combinations

These modern unit combinations can stand tall on a wall and can look like long horizontal lines on the wall. The tall straight locker shape is liked by all. Whenever you plan to change the décor of your space, you can change the theme of these horizontal lines.

Merge the wall cabinet for living room with the wall

The wall in the living room that has the TV panel is considered as the feature wall of the space. When you plan to get a wall cabinet designed for your living room, you can choose a floating console that matches the background so that a seamless visual can be created. The wood unit can complement the wood-paneled wall and doesn’t disrupt the look of the living room. You need to be creative and thoughtful with your wooden furniture so that it gives the best output.

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A multi-functional piece

A wall cabinet should be such that it can be converted into a multi-functional piece. You can create a focal point in the living room if your cabinet is elaborate and multi-functional. While getting this cabinet designed make sure that one wall of the living room isn’t too heavy and the other one is too plain.

In such cases, you can opt for open shelves through which you can see the back wall so that the whole system looks less bulky but is still functional. You can even add accent lights to the display shelves to make them more attractive.

Concept that stands out

Your living room cabinet can be such that it creates a striking contrast. You can go for a sleek and glossy black cabinet that can add a feel of geometry to the wall. The cabinet is planned in such a way that it offers you adequate storage and as well as acts as a platform where you can display your decorative pieces. It can easily accommodate your television. Here since it is an open concept you need to make sure that you can easily conceal your wires within the wall.

High cabinets

In case you want more storage in your living room, you can go for multiple pieces that are separate but placed aesthetically. In case you go for individual floating pieces, you can allow the light to flow in. The cabinets are streamlined and throw an overwhelming vibe to the entire room. You can paint the wall in grey shade and go for minimal decorative pieces to give a complete look to the wall cabinet.

Here the placement of the cabinets matters a lot. You can mount them in a line, look like a ladder, or can be placed one above the other. The more creative you get with the placement, the better this cabinet design will look.


Depending upon your requirements, you can go for a unit that has either open storage or closed, or maybe both. In case you need to keep items like gaming consoles or set-top boxes, you need easy access to them. You cannot hide them behind a solid door because the sensor remote won’t work in such a case.

In case you wish to give your living room a contemporary look, the storage furniture has to be clean and uncomplicated. You can go for wall-mounted options so that you can get enough space on the floor as well. You can even select wall-hung pieces or modular designs that are versatile.

The wall cabinet for living room that is taller can be used to create a home library. You can even go for a combination of vertical and horizontal cabinets to create a theme in the living room. This wall can be considered as a focal point and should look appealing. Other than that it has to be functional and beneficial.

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