Seven best treks in Uttrakhand


Often called the abode of God, the Indian state of Uttrakhand is located just west of Nepal. Uttarakhand is considered one of the fantastic destinations for trekkers. Well known as the Garwha Himalayas is further divided into two regions. The one is the western Garhwal division and another one is eastern Kumaon division.

Can get a daily flight to Dehradun from Delhi, nonetheless. it takes a few days to reach the destination via the rugged region.

Kuari pass trek

No matter whether you are a professional trekker or an amateur one. the Kuari Pass trek is a trek that you should do once in your life. It’s a must-do trek that offers astounding views of India”s most popular mountains and including Mt. Nandi devil and Mt. Dronagiri in any season. 

Of the multiple things, Lord Curzon achieved in India the most famous is the exploration and propagation of a trek route starting in Joshimath via Kuari Pass in the Garhwal Himalayas. Kuari Pass trek offers you an opportunity to see this breathtaking mountain range very closely.

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

This is a four or five days trek from Gangotri to Gangotri glacier, one of the largest in the Indian Himalayas and the source of the Ganges river. It’s a famous trek and is usually made as a religious pilgrimage. 

Gomukh originates from the word cow snout and refers to the Ganges river where it streams from the end of the glacier. One cherishes picturesque views of Mt.Shivling and the Bhagirathi peaks. Mount shivling which refers to the pious symbol of Lord Shiva is exceptionally beautiful and was often considered the Matterhorn by Europeans who first climbed the region.  An extra three or four days can be easily added for hiking around the grassland to different Summits and up the glaciers.

Deorital and Chandershila Trek

If you are looking for a trek that takes a short time you should visit Deorital and Chandershila trek. This short four-day trek beginning from Rishikesh is the best option. It’s a bit longer as compared to a half-day drive to the trailhead at Sari village. The second day starts at Chopta and takes you to the summit of Chandershila which serves fantastic views of Chaukhamba 7000m above distance.

The entire trek has beautiful views of the Himalayas and high points and Chandershila is 4000m so the trek covers no acclimatization issues. If you visit in April except to be baby pink by the blossoming Rhododendrons.

Valley of flowers trek

This four or five days trek takes you to the most well-known regions of wildflowers in the Himalayas. Apart from other treks.

Trekkers should aware of plenty of rain and prepare accordingly. 

Roopkund trek

The breathtaking six days trek brings you to one of the lakes of roopkund. It is famous for the human skeletons that we can see in the lake. 

Local people say that it contains the age-old remains of several hundred people. Besides these mysterious surroundings, it’s a beautiful trek. The trail commences in the lush oak and rhododendrons forests before emerging above treeline. trekkers can get splendid views of the marvelous peaks of Trishul, and Badrinath. 

Rupin Pass

Splendid waterfalls, stunning views, and flower-laden grasslands ensure that this is one of the treks that will leave everyone astounded. The trail begins from the small hamlet of Dhaula at 1560 m and throughout six days of hikes to Rupin Pass at 4650m and altitude improves to nearly 10, 000 feet.

Pindari Glacier 

The trek is the only trek that lies in the Kumaon region of the Garhwal Himalayas. It’s a mesmerizing trek through a wild region. They provides stunning views of Nanda Devi, Trishul, and some of the loftiest peaks. It’s a six-day trek. 

Dodital trek 

This we’ll know five days trek sets out from the small hamlet of Uttarkashi. It brings you to one of the incredible lakes of Dodital and the viewpoint of Darwa top. The low steep makes the trek amusing throughout the year except for the monsoon season from June to August. The lake is there for its golden trout which can easily witness its crystal clear water. Lying against a forest of Oak trees that blossoms in April. 

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