7 Stunning Waterfalls in Gujarat for a Relaxing Vacation

Gujarat is the ideal destination for any traveler, whether it is for the historic monuments, national parks, pristine charm, stunning beaches, or delectable food. Gujarat, on the other hand, is home to a number of gurgling waterfalls that are nature’s gift to visitors. The lovely waterfalls in Gujarat are a natural blessing for visitors. It has some amazing waterfalls covered in lush greenery and breathtaking beauty.

The forests and valleys that surround the waterfalls are also popular draws for visitors. So, take a look at this list of Gujarat’s natural wonders and plan your next vacation to one of the state’s many waterfalls.

List of Best Waterfalls in Gujarat

  • Gira Waterfalls
  • Chimer Waterfalls
  • Zanzari Waterfall
  • Girmal Waterfalls
  • Ninai Waterfall
  • Hatni Mata Waterfalls
  • Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls


Gira Waterfalls

Gira waterfalls are one of Gujarat’s most well-known attractions. The waterfall is near the town of Waghai. Because this waterfall is a perennial waterfall, tourists visit it all year. The beautiful Gira waterfall can be seen from the picnic areas. There are tribal people who sell their handmade items as well. This is a wonderful place to visit for a relaxing vacation. Getting to the bottom of the waterfall during the monsoons is dangerous. So, check the time when you arrive at the waterfall and take precautions. Otherwise, it’s a lovely and secure location for a picnic.

Chimer Waterfalls

This is another of Gujarat’s higher waterfalls. It is located in Gujarat’s Songadh district. This is an excellent trekking location, and many young tourists find it appealing. When you arrive, the beauty of the waterfall takes over. Flora surrounds you in lush greenery. All of this provides the visitor with a fantasy vacation. The only issue you might have here is that you might not get enough to eat. So make it a point to bring food and other necessary supplies.

Zanzari Waterfall

This is one of the perfect waterfalls in Gujarat and is ideal for families and groups of friends. In some places, this is also written as the Jhanjhari waterfall Gujarat map. It stands about 25 feet tall on the Vatrak River. The main attraction in this area is a series of rapids. Make a day of it and enjoy the scenic views that the area has to offer. You can also go on a fantastic camel ride. This location’s activities are suitable for both children and adults. Plan a trip to the Jhanjhari waterfalls with your family and have a wonderful vacation.

Girmal Waterfalls

Girmal Waterfall, which stands 100 feet tall, is Gujarat’s tallest waterfall. It is located deep within the Dang forest. Because of the height of this waterfall, mist and rainbows are always present. There are numerous paths and places to stand and watch the waterfall. This provides excellent photographic opportunities. To hold on to, ropes have been tied. There is seating as well as a good eating establishment. So you could easily spend an entire day here and have a family picnic. This place will entice you indefinitely, and you may want to return.

Ninai Waterfall

The waterfall of Ninai Gujarat is a fun place to visit with your family. This is one of the popular waterfalls in Gujarat and is located in Dediapada. This waterfall is nearly 30 feet tall and flows into the Narmada River. A waterfall is a breathtaking sight. The surrounding area of the waterfall is serene and peaceful. The greenery and landscape are worth seeing because it is located in the Dediapada forest area. A trip here would be ideal if you are a wildlife enthusiast.

Hatni Mata Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Hatni Mata Gujarat have some of the most breathtaking waterfalls. Because it is a haven for the people of Gujarat, many tourists visit the waterfalls, especially during the holiday season. This brings out the best in the area’s scenic views. People also go to worship at the Hatni Mata temple, which is located in a cave nearby. Hatni waterfall Gujarat is also ideal for weekend getaways. You can bring your children here and show them how the power of water and nature creates such pristine and breathtaking views.

Bilpudi Jodiya Waterfalls

Another best waterfall in Gujarat is the Bilpudi Jodiya waterfall in Dharampur. The waterfall is named Jodiya because it is a twin waterfall. As a result, seeing the two waterfalls is appealing. Sonajal Dhodh and Roopajal Dhodh are other names for these falls. These are the local names, and tourists usually refer to them as the Jodiya falls. If you want to see waterfalls in Gujarat, make this a stop on your itinerary. This adds to the charm of the location, and you will undoubtedly enjoy this scenic location.

Many people have visited Gujarat for its historical and cultural significance. The food is also very appealing. However, in your quest to find the most beautiful waterfall, Gujarat has now been added to the list. Plan a visit to a waterfall in Gujarat or two on your next trip here. While some waterfalls will provide you with much-needed peace and quiet, others will be an adventurer’s dream!

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