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Aesthetics Pro is an all-in-one medical spa software that addresses every aspect of a clinic or spa business. It’s comprehensive HIPAA Cloud solution includes scheduling, booking, EHR, marketing campaigns, merchant services, and more. By implementing this software, you will improve the lives of your patients and your own customer experience.

Staff management feature

AestheticsPro is a cloud-based medical spa management software. It includes numerous features for staff, patient and marketing management. The software comes with HIPAA compliant software, which makes it an ideal solution for any aesthetics practice. Using the software, you can manage employee timesheets, schedule appointments, process payments and store client information in HIPAA compliant charts.

Besides its core features, Aesthetics Pro also offers merchant services and payment processing. Aside from a convenient interface, the software is user friendly and supports integration with various EHR systems. This makes it ideal for smaller practices.

Despite its nifty features, Aesthetics Pro has some shortcomings. It lacks a mobile-friendly patient portal that can be a drawback for aesthetics practitioners that are looking to woo a younger clientele. Also, the software’s customer support system is not user friendly, turning off some users in the process.

Calendar management

Aesthetics Pro offers an array of features that are crucial for a medspa to operate successfully. These include a secure platform, marketing and reporting tools, and payment processing. They also offer a staff management feature, which allows you to manage employee timesheets and scheduling.

The interface is straightforward and easy to use. You can set a reminder to alert you to events. It is customizable, so you can make your own task lists, covers, and stickers. And you can choose from many different calendars.

You can create your own personal calendar or share your work calendar with colleagues. You can even share it with your family. If you are prone to forgetting appointments, you can customize your default reminder to a certain amount of time.

Client management

Aesthetics Pro is an integrated software solution designed for medical spas, wellness centers, and weight loss centers. It is cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, and allows clients to sign in from any device. These features are great for reducing paperwork and streamlining scheduling.

With Aesthetics Pro, you can save time and keep clients happy. The software offers a variety of features including calendar management, payment processing, staff and client management, point-of-sale, inventory, reporting, and service mapping. There are three pricing levels, from $185 per month to $245 per month.

If you’re in the market for a spa software, you’re likely looking for a cost-effective solution that can help you grow your business. You’ll want to make sure that the solution you choose includes all of the features you need to succeed.

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Aesthetics Pro is a point of sale and appointment scheduling software designed for medical spas and wellness centers. It offers many features including client management, scheduling, marketing, payroll, and inventory. This cloud-based software can help you streamline your business operations.

AestheticsPro’s Point of Sale software allows users to schedule appointments, process payments, and store client data in HIPAA-compliant charts. The program also provides an E-Record for each patient’s record. The application has a variety of payment options, and it has a built-in integration with Gravity Payments and World Pay Processing.

However, AestheticsPro’s lack of SMS and email functionality can limit client interaction. Additionally, the software’s customer support system is poor. Some users may find the software confusing or frustrating.

Another issue is that the application does not track patient balances. This means that your staff may not be able to keep track of how much each patient has in their account.

Integration with social media

Aesthetics Pro is a software platform to be reckoned with. With a suite of features aplenty, including a calendar, accounting, and a secure platform to boot, it’s no wonder so many beauty and wellness providers are jumping aboard the AestheticsPro train. The best part is, it’s fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the software to fit your needs. There’s also no doubt that your staff will enjoy using the software.

In the same vein, the best part of the AestheticsPro experience is that the software is fully supported. This includes not just the latest releases, but also upgrades and patches to ensure your staff are up to speed. Not to mention the ability to customize your aesthetics practice’s online presence to match your unique business goals.

Aesthetics Pro Review

Aesthetics Pro is a complete, secure and customizable HIPAA-compliant medical spa management solution that improves the performance of your medical spa business. It offers a suite of marketing and administrative tools to help you manage your patient and staff schedules, track your profits, and improve your patient and client experience. Among the features included in the package are scheduling, online booking, payment processing, EHR, marketing, merchant services, and more.

Designed to simplify operations in aesthetic clinics, Aesthetics Pro is an easy-to-use and flexible medical spa management software. The program offers an extensive form library, allowing you to store, organize and edit your client data in a safe and secure format. Moreover, the software allows you to connect to multiple EHR systems. You can also define user permissions for electronic transactions, and ensure the security of your data.

For example, the Aesthetics Pro Online feature helps you to maintain employee timesheets, payroll, and commission. Furthermore, it includes a calendar suite, effective staff scheduling, and a robust form library. Other features of the program include a POS system and Erecords, which integrates unique EMR capabilities.

Aesthetics Pro includes an effective, web-based software platform that can be accessed from a wide variety of devices. In addition to a user-friendly interface, the software also offers a host of features, such as automated drip campaigns and over 40 reports. All the information contained in the program is stored in secure and HIPAA-compliant charts. This makes it easy to access and store patient and staff data.

Despite its basic features, the software offers many promising capabilities. Aesthetics Pro has a robust form library, which allows you to create and modify your own forms. Users can also store and export data in a CSV file. By utilizing the software’s marketing management functionalities, you can analyze and optimize your campaigns. To increase your marketing effectiveness, you can also integrate Birdeye, a secure, experience marketing platform, which also works with Aesthetics Pro.

In order to choose the best aesthetic practice software, you should look for features and functions that will make your practice more efficient. You should also consider your company’s needs, the capacity of your employees, and the technical skill required by the people you hire. Finally, you should also look at the pricing and analyses of the software. There are several options available to choose from, so it’s important to take your time and double-down on your research before making a decision.

Aesthetics Pro is a great choice for a small aesthetic practice. But, it may not be ideal for a large practice that is expanding and offering new services. While the software is highly functional and includes a wide range of features, it does not offer the kind of infrastructure necessary to support a growing and expanding practice.

Overall, Aesthetics Pro is a well-supported, user-friendly, and reliable software that has a long list of features. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that can streamline your operations, Aesthetics Pro is arguably the best option.


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