How to draw animals using letters and numbers ?

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  1. • Use numbers to create cute animal designs
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Use numbers to create cute animal designs.

Drawing activities in the imagination can only be done when children are stuck and bored at home. As animals receive their creative gears, simple animal drawings turn into the coordination of the eyes. The best of everything, it only requires paper and something to draw. We have the numbers on new in this activity and converted every digit into an adorable cartoon creature. They are fun, safe and straightforward, and busy and happy children.

Our international pens are an excellent tool for this project. They come in bright colors and make beautiful clean lines. The best interface for these drawings is a sketch. Through all the drawings in a book, you stay protected and accessible if the kids want to look at their work or show them their friends. After finishing with these drawings, a sketchbook offers additional pages for many others.

We have easy to follow for each drawing. We recommend that you read the instructions and watch the video.

Turn numbers in animals

1: Bear

• 1. Start with a black pen by writing a number one. Make sure to add the serif or the small flag at the top because it will be the eyebrow of the bear.

• 2. Draw another number one, only back this time.

• 3. Connect the ground with a horizontal line. Add two diagonal lines to create a triangle. It’s the nose of bears. Draw a short line vertical from the point of the triangle. Attach a “V” upside down at the base of the line. It’s mouth.

• 4. Color in the nose. Add your eyes and reinforce the eyebrows. Add points under the nose in which his mustaches would be.

• 5. Outline his head. Make sure you take corrugated lines for their fur. If you have the head and shoulders, add a pair of Squigly lines under the mouth for the chin. Add your fur ears.

• 6. Color in his nose with a brown pen and celebrate the coat in his face by placing random and chopped shots.

• 7. Place many punches in the ears and rows on one side of the face to emphasize how much his hair is Shaggy.

2: Mouse.

• 1. Write number 2.

• 2. Pull up 2, and pull the ear with a lace line to display the hair. Go down halfway and make a short horizontal lace line for the head of the mouse. Place the line to create the second ear.

• 3. Draw a nose at base 2.

• 4. Expand the nasal train and on the second ear of the mouse body. Do not forget to add his little foot and his curved tail. Add a C-shaped line on the foot to display the leg.

• 5. Draw the inner ears, eyebrows, eyes, smile, and clutter points.

• 6. Place with a gray pen and insert the lines near the mouse’s ears, face, and body. Make the interior of each Berrios.

3: Bunny.

• 1. Write the number 3 in blue.

• 2. Draw the nose of the rabbit and the front paws on the left, starting from the top of the 3.

• 3. Pull a curved line in saw teeth and in the middle of the lower half of the 3 to indicate the leg and ends with a slight foot fixed on the right side of the number.

• 4. Ears Add and a tight tail.

• 5. Give rabbit eyes and a black nose.

• 6. Dye Rabbit gray and his pink ears with short lines overlapping.

4: Rooster

• 1. Start with number 4.

• 2. The stem of the 4 is the leg of the cock. Add another leg by pulling a diagonal line from the bottom edge of FIG.

• Then, from the top of the 4, pull the beak and a curved line for the comb so that the line outputs down to form a collar and all the width of the number. Go ahead and add big and small boots for the feathers of the tail. Join this line at the top of the first step.

• 4. Add points for eyes and lines for feet.

• 5. Add the wing.

• 6. Use a fine red liner, which dyes ridges, feathers, and faucet wing strips.

• 7. Use the curved lines to dye the faucet green and add yellow to your feet.

how to draw animals using letters and numbers

5: Tiger.

• 1. Register number 5 on your paper.

• 2. Pull the ears at the end of the horizontal line. Now extend this line outside.

• 3. Then, take a vertical line in saw teeth to the false bottom on the bottom of the 5.

• 4. Expand the ground and connect it to the sawtooth line.

• 5. The tiger’s mouth is inside 5er, so add a few teeth up and down.

• 6. Trace a vertical line from the mouth of the mouth. It forms an inverted triangle while the upper part of the fifth is the nose—dye in.

• 7. Add the eyes under the ears using half circuits with a point for each student.

• 8. with the black pen, the color in the ear, and add a band around his face.

• 9. Draw in a language, so it looks like he roared.

• 10. Color your clear orange tiger. Use pink to dye her tongue and ears.

6: Elephant

• 1. Draw number 6.

• 2. Draw a large half-circle from the top of 6 for the elephant ear. Draw another ear smaller before that.

• 3. Add the elephant back as a curved line from the middle of the ear and pass on the floor of 6.

• 4. Draw a horizontal line on the most significant curved part of Figure 6, which turns into a vertical line over the same length as the back of the elephant. It makes the trunk and leg before.

• 5. At the bottom of this line, place a horizontal line on the MID ear, then a circular line for the body, which turns into another vertical line of the rear tab.

• 6. Add a tail and one of the lines to display the separation of the front and paws from behind.

• 7. Draw the toes of the elephant and the interior of the ear.

• 8. Put in the eyes and a smile.

• 9. Use long vertical strokes set together nearby, the elephant color with a blue pen. Use pink for the ear.

how to draw animals using letters and numbers


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