The Fastest Growing Industries

Technology is everyday growing by leaps and bounds. Every day it is reaching new frontiers. In the following sections, I will discuss some of the fastest growing industries. No denying, they will offer amazing opportunities for employment as well as investment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is growing at an exponential rate with its applications in every industry. Moreover, it is bringing a new revolution in the field of computing. Soon, AI will be able to automate our decision-making. When most of the machines will be connected with Internet of Things (IoT), they will have more information and intelligence for better automation.

During the global pandemic, many hospitals installed oxygen gas plants for meeting their requirements. The plants are totally automated with the use of AI and machine learning (ML). Similarly, AI will run all other industries. It is going to be a sunshine industry of future. The technology has got many applications in e-commerce. It will enable us making intelligent decisions in making.

Many websites use AI extensively including Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. They study our behavior and pitch us products and messages that meet our requirements. The machines have started   learning and becoming aware with so much information at their disposal. Alexa and Siri are examples of AI in action.

Nano Technology

It is an amazing modern technology with immense possibilities for future. To illustrate, the technology is handy for building materials on a very micro level. These materials are on the same scale as molecules and atoms.

Undeniably, the technology will become even more power in the future with new breakthroughs. Definitely, it will impact various fields including aerospace, medicine, solar panels, electronics and numerous other industries.

Presently, nano technology is in its infancy but it is certain to achieve exponential growth in the near future. Not only it will provide ample career opportunities but will also give high returns to investors.  There is no denying the fact one must associate with such growth industries at the apt time.

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality or augmented reality is another industry which is already growing at an alarming rate. Pretty soon, it will change the way we live our life and go to work. The technology offers immersive experience in the virtual world.

For example, you must have heard about Facebook changing its name to Meta. The social media giant will provide us to experience the world in the metaverse. It will be a simulated world created with virtual reality. Naturally, it will be an enhancement of the real world using computers.

However, you will be able to experience virtual reality through smart glasses and other wearable devices. It is just like the real world except that it would not be real. Arguably, it is likely to bring forth new innovations in healthcare, education and manufacturing sectors.

According to the industry experts, the augmented reality market will grow at a great pace. It goes without saying that the industry will provide new opportunities to the tech innovators. Of course, the industry will also provide new avenues for employment.


Robotics is a new cutting-edge tech sector. Undeniably, it is a new field which extensively uses AI. Early robots used set of instructions for executing pre-set movements. Notwithstanding such robots are still useful but modern ones can improve upon the initial programming to improve their efficiency?

Now, we have powerful robots that perform wide range of tasks in fabricating various products with different inputs. Over a period of time, such intelligent robots will become more efficient than provided in its original programming.

Also, we find industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing and defense will use them extensively. In medicine, you will soon see robots performing precision surgeries. According to the experts, size of robotic industry will double in a couple of years. This industry and nitrogen plant is growing at an exponential rate.

Like all cutting-edge technologies, this one will also make some jobs obsolete. At the same time, it will create numerous other jobs. Moreover, it will also give rise to ancillary industries for meeting its needs of raw materials and components. There is no doubt the industry will fundamentally change our future.

No denying, it is a sunshine industry of the future with immense scope for growth. It is just the beginning and already the potential of growth is evident. Investing in its growth will certainly yield windfall profits in a span of a decade.

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E-Learning is one of the most promising industries of the future. It offers us a way to learn about any field of study or a skill from experts. Interestingly, there is no need to visit a formal place for acquiring a skill or learning a new language or technology.

Sitting at home, one is able to learn from the best experts in the field. Moreover, you will not have to leave your job for getting an executive MBA or any other course. Many universities and online learning websites such Byju, Udemy, Coursera, Edx, Skillshare provide plethora of courses.

According to the industry experts, the market size of e-learning industry was around USD 250 billion in 2020. And, it will grow to a USD 1 trillion industry by 2027. Growth projections of experts show the growth potential of online education sector in a next couple of years.

No doubt, the industry promises tremendous growth for the future. As a result, it will not only make learning new skills easier and cheaper but also provide countless career opportunities for educated and highly skilled persons.

And, students can attend online classes at any time they are free. It is totally unlike physical classes where you must be present at a fixed time. Global pandemic in 2020 made us saw the value and growth potential in the e-leaning sector.

All in all, we can say that online education is a sector with immense scope for growth in the future. Investing in the sector for next 10 years will deliver high returns. Presently, the sector has started to expand. Time to enter the sector is now.

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