True Meaning of Education

The true meaning of Education is different from the definition of Education. Education is not only all about educating someone about any field. To build a better world and to build better individuals. Education is classify into three types as given below.

  1. Formal Education
  2. Informal Education
  3. Non-formal Education

Let’s discuss all these one by one

Formal Education

Formal Education is also termed  as Formal learning and customarily takes place in the school. At first it starts from elementary to secondary then further to colleges or universities. Informal Education, there is a well-qualified teacher or Professor in his field of interest. For example, English can be teach by a teacher who has mastery in the field of the English language. Also a different teacher for all other subjects like Math, Science, Social studies, etc.

 In-School teachers are there to educate students, while there are professors in the college or university, to educate students. In Formal education individual’s performance is evaluate by teachers based on their grades and numbers obtained after the examination. In addition, everyone has a mark sheet for each exam and a report card that contains information about grades. Formal learning is valid learning because everyone has a valid or certified document for their learning.

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Informal Education

Informal Education is  Informal type of learning and does not occur in schools or universities. In this type of Education, individuals educate themselves by watching videos by self-study. It means A teacher does not serve education. The individual gains it through his efforts and curiosity to gain knowledge. Nowadays, all the information regarding everything is present on the internet in clouds of data, which are accessible for every user. Also, you can learn when you want without any restriction.

 If someone wants to know about youtube gaming, they can search on the internet, and there are vast libraries that have the data regarding our search. In this type of learning, there is no type of curriculum to complete. Anybody can gain knowledge about anything. Also, there is a myth that Education boundaries are only around the school’s walls, which is totally wrong. But it has a drawback. That is, no one can evaluate our learning in the form of grades or certifications. This type of Education is invalid because no certificates provide to users for obtaining knowledge from the internet.

Non-formal Education

Non-formal Education is neither taking place in schools nor on the internet but in the communities. It is centered on gaining skills regarding a field like if someone wants to start swimming, there are communities that give training in swimming. It is not considered an essential need but a skill-gaining program. In this type of Education, training is given to individuals to make them fit for the required field. There is no exam to calibrate someone’s credibility based on grades.

As these are the types of Education, the true meaning of Education is different from all the above three. In the modern world, Education has experienced significant modifications. Education has turned away from spiritualism and toward materialism. The Western Educational System presently reigns supreme. The latest means of communication boast of dismantling all the barriers among the people. But in reality, these means have alienated human beings so much that now they are islands in themselves. 

The moral value of education

The flood of information flows with the endless list of rights of the people, not their duties. In developed countries like America, England, Canada, Australia, etc., the first lecture given to the students is about their rights. But there is hardly any example of their responsibilities’ knowledge. Often we come across incidents of a student killing his closest mate or class-teacher. Student behavior has become a cause of deep concern throughout the world. Violence in schools, colleges, and universities is a common sight

These young brains indulge in road-rage incidents that reflect the lack of moral values given any priority in the present setup. It is a  fact that teachers leave an intense impact on the students’ minds. They are considered role models of the students. Suppose moral Education is imparted in an exciting and unbiased way. In that case, it can go a long way in teaching morals to the students.

 But Human beings must keep one thing in mind moral lectures should not be propaganda of one religion. Our Elders should teach moral values from almost all religions. In this way, religious fanaticism will be removed and establish a universal brotherhood. Moral values based on scientific facts should be the basis of such an education. Modern students judge everything on the hallmark of rationality. Hence, Education should impart systematic teaching of morality in educational institutions.

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 In today’s scenario, every human is the race of survival, money, fame, etc. But in this race, we all forgot about the value of humanity’s sympathy for animals and nature. We have to remember that Education is a must for everyone. However, Education with moral values must be necessary for everyone to build a better world for everyone. As we know, humans landed on the moon and reached mars with their rockets. All the scientific discoveries happen because of Education. It is to gain knowledge and spread knowledge among everyone. As we know, Education plays a vital role in society. Understanding the True meaning of Education is a must for everyone in society. 

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