PUBG Mobile Midasbuy: A Top-up Center

Midasbuy is a genuine website. This allows PUBG players to purchase in-game goods and, is approved by PUBG. Midasbuy is not the only way to purchase PUBG mobile UC for your account. Midasbuy, a charging station for popular games PUBG mobile, PUBG mobile lite, and a few other entertainment options, is primarily well-known. Also maybe in the future, we will see BGMI top-ups on Midasbuy.

For Purchasing Items (Outfits, Skins For Guns, And Vehicle Skins)

You can find many premium items in PUBG ‘s mobile game, including gear, vehicle skins as well as weapon skins. PUBG mobile’s currency is UC or unknown cash. This allows you to buy excellent in-game items like outfits. Battle points are another in-game currency and can unlock chests or cosmetic items. Also, a BP Shop is available in the game where we can redeem items using BP Ponts. Many premium items, including cool outfits and weapon skins, are available.

Royale pass can be used to purchase exclusive items in-game. Players can also purchase currency through Midasbuy or the google play store.

Extra Discount

Midasbuy stores will offer up to a 60% discount if players purchase skins and items using UC. Players must purchase UC at the Midasbuy website to be eligible for the prize draw. The event offers players the chance to win free UC by purchasing 60 from the Midasbuy reload website (upto125 chances per purchase).

Midacbuy Pakistan can provide maximum UC at meager prices. Midasbuy allows PUBG users to buy UC at meager rates. Although there are other options, google in-app purchase is also an option. However, it costs more than Midasbuy.

Redemption rewards

Players can use Midasbuy PUBG redemption to check out on Midasbuy’s website. Download and create a new code for BGMI (Midasbuy/free UC). We inform you that BGMI redemption codes are available for other redemptions and rewards. If you didn’t already know about preregistration, please use the battlegrounds mobile redemption code today.

Users can use these PUBG codes to improve their gaming experience and not spend a lot on unnecessary features. Players can participate in surveys, complete offers, or watch videos. They can also quickly redeem points that they have earned for PUBG UC.

Today we will show you how to earn PUBG UC with no PUBG UC money. We’ll show you how to download the PUBG mod app and get unlimited UC.

Secure for users

Most of those who have PUBG installed on their phones agree that PUBG has the best game. Let me tell you; player unknowns battlegrounds is an excellent online game that players from all around the globe enjoy. It was created by Brendan green. Playerunkowns’ battlegrounds (PUBG ), which is the king of the online gaming industry today, is responsible for the immense popularity of the entire battle royale genre.

Player unknowns battlegrounds android & ios is the definitive mobile shooter. PUBG is credited for popularizing the battle royale game and spawning many Chinese clones. The game has also been nominated for several games of the year prizes. The game is popular in Pakistan.

Midasbuy will not affect your PUBG account in any way. It is also completely legal. Midasbuy provides the official source for the PUBG mobile UC store (unknown cash), where you can buy unlimited UC globally. Midasbuy offers 100% security for your PUBG account, and that is what I want to tell many PUBG players.

How to purchase UC in PUBG Mobile Global version

There are two genuine methods to purchase UC in Pubg Mobile. First One is from Playstore and the second one is from Midasbuy Website.

Steps for purchasing UC from Playstore

  1. Open PUBG Mobile and enter your account information.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click on the UC icon.
  3. Choose the number of UC you want to buy.Midasbuy
  4. Choose a payment method on the Google Play Store.
  5. The in-game currency will be added to your PUBG Mobile account once the payment goes through.

Steps for purchasing UC from Midasbuy Website.

Midasbuy is another place where players can buy UC.

  1. Go to the website for Midasbuy. If you don’t already have one, make one.
  2. Click “Top Up” and then type in your player ID.midasbuy
  3. Select the number of UC you want to buy.midasbuy
  4. Use the method you want to pay with.
  5. After the payment goes through, the money will be added to your PUBG Mobile account.

Players should not buy anything from unofficial sources. Because doing so could get them banned for a lifetime from PUBG.


Unique Items

PUBG mobile has a high level of competition, and everyone needs PUBG UC. This allows you to have unique weapon skins, legendary outfits, and premium characters. You may also obtain the m416 glacier skin by redeeming a code or spending money in PUBG. In most cases, in March 2022, PUBG mobile lite codes redemption codes. The player will need to pay battle coins (in-game money) to obtain PUBG mobile lite skins and other accessories.

People are keen to see the PUBG redeem codes, which are now available in India. PUBG mobile announced a new giveaway in which players can win excellent permanent items. Battlegrounds mobile India can only provide many of the most attractive rewards.

For purchasing Royal Pass

Google Play is an easy way to get PUBG UC. First, generate a Google play gift card, then a code is generated for the exact amount you pay to Google. Then open the play store. Click redeem the coupon. Enter your PUBG Mobile player id and paste the copied code for your gift card. Get the PUBG 660uc royale pass pack for rs 799 free.

Notice: While you can buy a royal pass and new skins with UC, it is impossible to purchase a royal pass free. This is why people search for battleground mobile India free UC.

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