How Old Is Isabella In Encanto?

Isabella is a character of the Encanto movie which is released in the year 2021. She is the most interesting character of this animated film. This article shares detailed information regarding isabella. In this blog, you will get actual and riveting facts about this character.No one can deny the fact that Isabella Madrigal is the most renowned role and still is in a great heap and everyone wants to know about her. So let’s dive into the researched information about her character.

How old is Isabella in Encanto?

Isabella is in her 20s. Her exact age is 21 years. She is the eldest child of Madrigal’s Family and granddaughter of Alma. She is always pressured to be a perfect and fantastic child. The name of her mother and father are Julieta and Agustin. She also has siblings named Lusia and Mirabel.

Who is Isabella in Encanto?

She is in her teenage and her grandmother’s name is Abuela Alma. She has sisters named Luisa and Mirabel. In Spanish “Señorita Perfecta” by her younger sister, Isabella is the bright child of the Madrigal family. Isabella is the niece of Félix, Pepa, and Bruno, as well as the cousin of Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. As she is the first child of her family that’s the reason she is the favourite child of  Abuela alma. She lived her early days in a nursery with her cousin Dolores and her younger sister Luisa.She has the power to grow flowers and plants.She was born with the magical power to communicate with animals. She uses her powers in order to help the community people. She is kind, and gentle and has a strong sense of responsibility towards her family and community. Isabella struggles with the strain of being the only member of her family without a distinct magical power throughout the film, but she eventually learns to accept her gift and value her own worth.

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What Is the Height of Isabella Madrigal?

Are you curious to know the height of Isabella Madrigal? Lots of questions must arise in your mind about whether she is short or tall. Isabella Madrigal has a height of 5′ 3″, which is equivalent to approximately 125 lbs, 63 inches, or 160 cm. She is shorter than her fiance Mariano.

Isabella Madrigal’s Physical Appearance

She has long black hair and brown eyes. Mostly isabella madrigal dress is of lavender colour with flower embroidery designs. She used to wear a matching flower on the left side of her hair. Both the flower and dress are of the same colour which enhances the beauty of her appearance. Her skin tone is of dark complexion and her left cheek has little black marks. Because of this brownish skin tone, she looks incredibly beautiful. She also wears diamond earrings. She is having a smart and brilliant personality. Her entire appearance is welcoming and inviting, expressing her kind and sensitive nature.

Isabella Magical Powers

One day Isabella received a vision of her uncle. Her uncle told her that one day she will live a life of her own dreams. Also, he told her that her powers will grow like grapes that thrive on the vine. Then she blesses with a gift of Chlorokinesis on her fifth birthday. Her magical power makes her able to bloom flowers and grow plants. The incredible thing is that she can grow plants simply by thinking about them. As a result, it appears that she has the ability to control her magical powers.Isabella only grew beautiful symmetrical flowers like vines and roses when she was trying to be perfect.

As per the movie, she could summon flowers by waving her hands, whirling her feet, or even flicking her hair, and she could manipulate the plants as well. She just thinks in her mind about what to do, and the plants do things as per her desire. Isabella utilizes her talent to aid members of her community by using animal communication to recover lost objects or solve difficulties.  Isabella’s gift is a significant and priceless asset to her family and community, despite the fact that it is not a special magical ability like that of her siblings.

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Isabella Madrigal Voice Over Artist

In the Disney animated movie “Encanto,” Isabella Madrigal’s voice is done by Diane Guerrero. She is a Colombian-American actress and voice actress. As it is difficult to play this role according to the director Byron Howard. Because this role needs a charming and amusing voice. But Diane Guerrero gives her best.  Her voice matches perfectly with Isabella’s character. She is also convinced that she felt really honoured after working in this role. She also admitted that she felt respected and it was like a dream come true to participate in this film. She has seen a lot of Disney fairy tales in her childhood. Because of this, whenever her mother called her a fairy, she believed herself to be a fairy. According to her, this character makes her childhood illusion of being a fairy come true.

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