Documents Required for USA Tourist Visa

Introduction to Tourist visa

Foreign tourists are issued tourist visas, which are official travel credentials, for the purpose of leisure travel. For example, if you are from India and wish to visit the United States, you must obtain a tourist visa. For this, you need information regarding the documents required for USA tourist Visa. Every country administers their tourist visa policy, and its respective embassies and consulates will assist you in obtaining a visa for short-term stays.

While visiting a foreign country, there are some rules that come with a tourist visa. These rules say that working is not allowed, and visitors can’t do any business while having a tourist visa. Also, you cannot study and get permanent residency with a tourist visa.

Desiring to travel to the USA for tourism or medical purposes? Are you a working professional in the regional office of an American Mnc? If yes then you might have to travel to the USA quite often. To reach the USA you need to apply for a B1 or B2 visa.

You can easily apply for the visa if you possess knowledge about the same. Therefore this article is meant to offer you some advice regarding the B1 and the B2 visa. You will become aware of the documents and the main types of tourist visas for the USA. In the upcoming discussion, you will read the tourist visa USA requirements. Now it is better to seek the guidance of visitor visa consultants in Jalandhar to get your visitor visa easily.

Keep reading this article to know the main documents required for USA tourist Visa: 

B1 and B2 Tourist Visa for USA

See the USA issues two types of tourist visas. These are distinct from the study visas which are categorized into F, J, M, etc. In the case of a tourist visa, you can apply either for the B1 or the B2  tourist visa. Let us understand these two visas

The B1 Visa

The B1 visa or the business visa is for all those individuals who intend to travel to us for business purposes. These include a variety of purposes like taking part in meetings, seminars, or company events. The MNCs of the USA have offices all across the world. Business executives working in these MNCs in the regional offices need to regularly travel to the USA. So B1 visa is for those who are travelling for business interests. Additionally, the B1 visa is quite popular among individuals.

B2 Visa

So coming to the B2 visa, this one is intended for all those who are planning to visit the USA for recreational purposes. The range and intention to visit are broad. It could be meeting with friends, travelling for medical reasons, etc. The USA is home to top-notch hospitals and clinics like the Mayo Clinic, Anderson Cancer Hospital, etc. So many people from developing countries travel to the USA to avail of medical treatment. Furthermore, all this is clubbed under the B2 Visa category.  Please keep in mind that all such visas will be under the ‘non-immigrant visa’ category only.

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Documents for a Tourist Visa

Furthermore, let’s know about the documents an individual requires for filing a tourist visa. Tourist visa USA requirements are also an integral part of a visa which every applicant must know. The first major document is your Appointment Confirmation Letter. See this letter contains some vital details like the application ID, the confirmation of the visa fee payment, etc. Additionally, the letter also has pertinent personal details. So don’t forget to get your appointment confirmation letter. Below we have listed all the documents required for USA tourist Visa

  • Application Form for obtaining a tourist visa.
  • Passport with a validity term of six or three months.
  • Photographs for passports.
  • Travel insurance that is up to date.
  • Evidence of financial resources.
  • Accommodation documentation.
  • A confirmed return flight ticket.
  • Proof of visa fee payment.
  • A letter of invitation.
  • Documents of civil nature (marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.).

DS-160 Form

So for tourist or visitor visas, you require the DS-160 form. This form is available online. When you are filling out the application online then as you move toward the end you get a confirmation for the same. So you must get the printout of the confirmation page and carry it to the visa consulate.

Medical Certificate

You need to submit a medical certificate as well. So you need to head to the hospital or the clinic which is authorized by the US consulate to carry out the medical examination. Furthermore present your passport, and appointment letter to the examining doctor. The medical examination usually comprises the following:

  • Medical records review
  • Physical examination
  • Chest X-ray
  • Blood tests  to detect infectious diseases

Apart from the above-mentioned tests the medical examination also includes a thorough evaluation of your eyes, ears, heart, Skin, etc. This whole process takes 1-2 hours depending on the rush at the clinic. Kids below the age of 15 do not require Chest X-rays and blood tests.  Seek help from the top tourist visa consultants in Jalandhar to get your tourist visa easily.

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Passport and other Personal Documents

You must possess a valid passport that should extend beyond 6 months of travel validity. The next document is the birth certificate. This will help the consulates confirm your age,  nationality, and other details. Also, a driver’s license is necessary as well to prove that you can drive the vehicle easily. Head to the police department of your area to receive a Police Clearance Certificate. Any criminal record will hamper your chances to travel abroad. Even if the dispute was minor still the criminal record can be a major deterrent to seeking B2 or B1 visa.

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This article is meant to offer you some advice regarding the B1 and the B2 visa and the documents required for USA tourist Visa. See the USA issues two types of tourist visas. These are distinct from the study visas which are categorized into F, J, M, etc. In the case of a tourist visa, you can apply either for the B1 or the B2  tourist visa.

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